Sunday, September 29, 2013

Doggone DNA- An Article on Purebred Genetics Posted by Tufts University

Link to the article HERE.

It's unusual to find an article that discusses purebred genetics without sensationalism either attacking or defending the pure bred fancy.  This article discusses pure bred genetics reasonably and with facts.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Becoming Responsible: Unleashing Your Dog

It’s the idyllic fantasy many dog owners are after: taking a leisurely stroll through an open field or through the woods, their loyal canine companion padding along quietly by their side, taking in nature together.  Unfortunately for many dogs and dog owners, this fantasy may never be a reality.  Some dogs are just not meant to be off-leash.  For an unprepared dog and owner, being off-leash can be perilous.  While your dog may not be a danger to anyone or anything else, its freedom may pose a danger to itself.

NOTE: Please understand that by taking your dog off-leash in open areas, you are knowingly putting your dog in hazard’s way by allowing it to roam freely.  Unleashing your dog is an inherently risky affair.  This article was written to minimize those risks, but no excursion is going to be 100% safe.  Unpredictable things can happen in all environments, and you must take responsibility when they do.